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March 24 2017

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March 23 2017

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March 15 2017

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Otto Wagner: Post Office Savings Bank Building, Vienna.

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Things I take to the drains…

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Locate Triulzi (MI) - maggio 2016

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March 11 2017

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March 10 2017

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this makes me happy

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February 28 2017

Artist Ray Bartkus wanted to incorporate Lithuania’s Šešupė River into a captivating work of art, so he intentionally painted his mural upside-down. While the designs of the mural may appear quite ordinary at first glance, the real magic happens when viewers first notice the display’s river reflection. When reflected in the river’s dark waters, the painted figures seem to come to life, interacting with the water itself.  (via My Modern Met
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February 24 2017

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